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Iranian Politicians Accuse Commission Works for CIA, Mossad

Jakarta - Ahmad Salek, chairman of Iran's parliamentary cultural commission, on Tuesday accused his country's Baha'i community of spying for Israel and the United States. "I declare very explicitly that Baha’ism is an espionage organization which gathers intelligence for the CIA and Mossad, and there are abundant documents to prove this," the Fars news agency quoted Salek saying.

White House: 'No Comment' on CIA Prison in Poland

Jakarta - Speaking to a group of foreign reporters in Washington on Wednesday, vice-national security adviser Ben Rhodes refused to comment on revelation by the Washington Post last week that CIA gave more than US$15 million to Polish intelligence officers in Warsaw, as part of a deal to establish a CIA prison used to detain and torture al-Qaeda suspects in 2002 and 2003.

Sejarah Penjara Rahasia CIA di Polandia

Washington - Keberadaan penjara rahasia badan intelijen Amerika Serikat, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), di Polandia tak hanya menjadi obyek penyelidikan di negara yang dipimpin Presiden Bronislaw Komorowski itu. Pengadilan HAM Uni Eropa juga memberi perhatian besar soal ini sehingga pernah mengundang pejabat Polandia untuk didengar keterangannya Desember lalu. Washington Post edisi 23 Januari 2014 menulis panjang soal penjara rahasia yang juga kerap disebut 'black site' CIA itu.