NGO Report Links Indonesia to CIA Operations

New York: A report by a human rights and democracy advocacy group cites Indonesia as one of the countries collaborating with the US Central Intelligence Agency campaign against worldwide terrorism, which includes the use of kidnapping, extra rendition, torture and detention of suspected terrorists.
In its report titled Globalizing Torture: CIA Extraordinary Rendition and Secret Detention, launched on Tuesday, Feb. 5, the Open Society Foundation (OSF), a human rights and democracy advocacy group, named Indonesia as one 54 countries linked to CIA's campaign on extraordinary rendition or the transfer of individuals without legal process.

The report highlights the CIA's rendition and secret detention program that began shortly after 9/11 which included secret detention, interrogation, and torture of alleged extremists.

OSF's report claimed that at least 136 people became victims of this operation. The actual number could be more, but it will remain unknown until the United States and its partners disclose this information. This study's focus on the program excluded those at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The report also called for accountability of the US and the 54 countries for violating human rights and international law. Thus far, only Canada had apologized for its role while Australia, the UK and Sweden had offered compensation to individuals that became victims of the campaign.

A spokesperson for Indonesia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Michael Tene, has yet to provide any comment as well. Michael, who is in Cairo, Egypt, was unable to be contacted.


TEMPO.CO | Thursday, 07 February, 2013 | 14:58 WIB


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