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Libya Hopes Ambalat Case Can be Solved through Friendship

Tuesday, 15 March, 2005 | 16:32 WIB

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: The President of Libya, Colonel Muammar Qadafi, supports effort to solve the conflict between Indonesia and Malaysia over Ambalat peacefully through the spirit of friendship between the two Moslem countries. Dino Patti Jalal, spokesperson to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, made this statement when contacted by telephone on Monday (14/3).

According to Dino, Qadafi said this when he contacted President Yudhoyono on Monday (14/3) at around 5.30pm. During the 10-minute conversation, Qadafi said that he was very concerned with world development, especially as regards the conflict between Indonesia and Malaysia over the Ambalat block.

The Libyan President went on to say that he was particularly concerned when such a conflict happens between two Moslem countries. “Qadafi said he hoped that the settlement of the conflict would be carried out peacefully and based on the Moslem spirit of brotherhood,” said Dino.

During the conversation, President Yudhoyono told Qadafi about progress in the case. The President explained that Indonesia has already reached agreement with Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi to handle the case peacefully through diplomatic channels.

President Yudhoyono also thanked Qadafi for Libya continuing to support Aceh being part of the Indonesian Republic. The Libyan President restated that as regards Aceh, Libya’s position remain the same.

Abdul Manan - Tempo


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