Russia Busts CIA 'Spy'

Jakarta - American Ambassador for Russia, Michael McFaul, was called by Russian Foreign Ministry, on the arrest of Ryan Fogle, a diplomat suspected of espionage in Moscow. McFaul was seen entering Russian Foreign Ministry building this morning, and left the building half an hour later without saying a word to the press.
Russian Intelligence Agency (FSB), on Tuesday said arresting Ryan Fogle, the third secretary of US Ambassador in Moscow, for suspected recuriting FSB agents to work for Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). When arrested, Fogle was seen to have special technical device, 500 Euro, and a letter in Russian. After arrested, Fogle was then extradited to the officials from US embassy.

Fogle’s arrest was the first case that an American diplomat openly accused being a spy in the last decade.

Washington Post | Abdul Manan

TEMPO.CO | WEDNESDAY, 15 MAY, 2013 | 17:27 WIB


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